Legal Disclaimers

Terms of Service Agreement

DeMayo Enterprises, LLC

We DO NOT install ANYTHING that we sell or provide materials for.



All communications regarding installation agreements are strictly between the contractor, owner, builder, and installer. 

A drawing is a rendering based on the measurements that you have provided or the list of cabinets that you have requested for your purchase order and is part of our standard practice.

A design, is based on your ideas for your project that we lay out according to space and square footage available.

It is your responsibility to proof the final drafts that include the layouts, design, and invoices including color, sizes, and specifications prior to payment.

Design fees are $750.00 which includes up to 2 changes. The initial $750.00 is refundable with eligible purchase of materials for projects within a six month period of the rendering, or by prior arrangement with staff in written correspondence by email.  Prices are subject to change.
Please note: Any design changes over and above the initial 2 design renderings will be additional fees of $250.00 per hour with a minimum of one hour and are non-refundable. 

We are not responsible for mismeasured layouts if we did not do the measure.

If your contractor, builder, installer, client or other entity provide the measurements, then the error is their responsibility.

If we do the measurement, then we will stand good for any missed cabinets or materials based on our own mistakes with the following exception:

We will not be responsible for plan changes after the drawings have been approved and confirmed  for submission. Additionally, we will not be responsible if you simply over-looked something such as by moving an appliance, window, or other that effects the overall design layout.

Any additional or replacement cabinets, or materials will be purchased by the owner/contractor responsible for the changes.

As such, it is very important that you take the time to ensure that your design and measurements are correct, that the items listed in your purchase order are all present, and that you get your client approval prior to giving us your approval for purchase.

Refunds Exchanges and/or Returns
We do not accept returns or provide refunds for materials as these are special orders.

Damages from factory will be dealt with according to specifics for that item. We will have replaced or exchanged any non-built, non-installed cabinets still in the original packing with photos as proof of damage and have one of our staff handle the exchange. Proof of damage must be supplied to us within 3 days of receipt.

If you observe a major problem with your delivery that appears to have been damaged due to shipping, please call Ashley Sanderson at 816-673-1546 office or 660-624-0584 cell first. If she is not available then contact Mark Yanda at 913-980-4260 and text or email proof of damage with pictures of the issue that you see and obtain a business card withthe name of your driver noting the date and time of attempted delivery.